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2012 Bytown Brigantine and Bytown Brigantine Academy Programs

As the Bytown Brigantine organization grows, so too does our depth of programming. The 2012 season will be no exception, and this year will be highlighted by the debut of our small boat expedition programs, the tall ships gatherings and re-enactments surrounding the anniversary of the War of 1812 and of course, our extended Fair Jeanne voyage offering tall ship adventure, scuba-dive training and flat-water kayak certification along with a high-school credit in physical education.

Small Boat Expeditions

The small boat expeditions this upcoming summer will take place on our newly refitted 27ft navy whalers. Navy whalers are exceptionally sea-worthy boats. Originally used as lifeboats for warships on the open ocean, the whalers can be sailed or rowed (pulled is the lesser-known, more accurate term) and are even equipped with 20-hp outboards. This year, each whaler will carry upwards of 8 crew, who will sail and navigate through some of the most scenic waterways in the world, as they participate in re-enactments and set-up camp in the evenings with a host of other smaller traditional boats and even a few tall ships.

The Black Jack Island Adventure Camp

The Black Jack Island Adventure Camp, based in the Upper Ottawa River, will once again come to life as the weather warms up, providing youth between the ages of 12-15 a summer camp experience like no other in the country. Sailing out of our very own island, young people will get the chance to learn how to sail the tall ship, ‘Black Jack’, steering, navigating and even climbing aloft! Throughout the day, campers will explore the river, stopping for swims at island coves and in sheltered bays, and in the evening back at Alexandra Island, the world’s best game of manhunt will be sure to tire everyone out before heading to bed on a 2-story floating house!

SV Fair Jeanne Voyages

For teenagers and young adults, our tall ship voyages on Lake Ontario, the St Lawrence and through the Thousand Islands are the ultimate in adventure programs. The 110’ Fair Jeanne, one of the largest training ships in Great Lakes, offers a demanding yet rewarding environment where young people are trained to become part of the crew. From steering, to navigation, climbing aloft to set sail and even maintenance, participants come to trust and rely on one another as they pilot the ship to various ports of interest in Canada and the US. Our Fair Jeanne voyages develop leadership, confidence and self-reliance- but most people come for the challenge, the fun and the lasting friendships that are formed when people come together as crew.

Bytown Brigantine Academy- SV Fair Jeanne Extended Voyage

Bytown Brigantine Academy (BBA) is the only high-school in the country to be offered onboard a Canadian tall ship. Students signing on for the Academy’s 21-day extended voyage will be challenged both mentally and physically during their time onboard, learning all aspects of sailing, scuba-diving and flat-water kayaking while taking a grade 11 course in Physical Education. BBA is focused almost entirely on ‘learning through doing’- and student’s will quickly become active members of the shipboard community, assisting the crew with steering, navigation, sail-handling, marlinspike seamanship, maintenance and even lending a hand in the galley from time-to-time.
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