The Bytown Brigantine Fleet


Fair Jeanne

Fair Jeanne

Built in the late Captain Fuller’s backyard on the Ottawa River between 1979 and 1982, the 110 foot (33.5 metre) Brigantine has sailed the oceans of the world, logged over 150,000 nautical miles (280,000 kilometres), and has put over 2,000 trainees through her program in the last 20 years.

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Black Jack

Black Jack Ship Specifications

Black Jack's origins were as a tug, originally constructed in Scotland and sent to Quyon, Quebec on the Ottawa River for fitting in 1904. She was launched on May 2, 1904 and later converted to a tall ship in 1952. She has sailed the Ottawa River, the St. Lawrence Seaway, and down to New York City for Tall Ships Rendezvous.

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Built in the style of traditional 18th century brigantines, they are modern in every respect, built of strong materials and carrying the latest in electronic navigation and emergency equipment. Bytown Brigantine is a member in good standing with the Canadian Sail Training Association (CSTA) and the American Sail Training Association (ASTA).


The Support Fleet

Navy Whalers

Used for decades by the Canadian Navy as basic sail training boats, these 30-foot (9 metre)vessels are incredibly strong boats. Designed for use in any body of water including oceans, these vessels are traditionally rigged with two masts and three sails. They also come with long sweeps (oars) as well as 20 hp motors.


Bytown Brigantine utilizes two 40-foot (12 metre) barges to provide support at the Island Adventure Camp on the Ottawa River. One of the barges is outfitted as a two-story bunk barge providing accommodation and cooking facilities for up to 30 people. The other barge is equipped as a supply barge, large enough to carry vehicles and equipment.

You can sail this ship

Sign up for our summer youth voyages and experience the thrill and adventure of sailing a tallship.

The Adventure Under Sail program for young adults is offered onboard the 110 ft. Fair Jeanne, a tall ship constructed in Ottawa and proven in the world's oceans. The challenge for participants is simple; get our tall ship off the dock and get her sailing safely in Lake Ontario. Not sure how? Work hard and learn through experience as our professional crew mentor you in the ways of tall ship sailing, seamanship and navigation. The Fair Jeanne operates 24-hours a day, 7 days a week during a program and participants will work in four hour shifts around the clock to keep the vessel navigating and operating safely. The more effort and time you put into your training, the more you'll get out of if as crew slowly give you more responsibility. Find yourself steering through the Thousand Islands, plotting a course for Toronto or climbing 60 feet above the deck to set more sail.

Join the Black Jack and Island Adventure Camp

Sign up for a summer camp experience like no other. With a maximum enrollment of 15 participants per session, The Black Jack Island Adventure Camp offers youth one of the most unique camp experiences in the country. Based on a private 15-acre island near Fitzroy, Ontario, participants become immersed in an environment that could be described as Peter Pan meets the Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Under the direction and guidance of our professional crew and experienced staff, Campers set sail each day (weather permitting) on the camp's very own tall ship, “Black Jack”. From the moment participants step aboard this majestic and historical vessel, they are swept up in the training and challenge it takes to sail her. Under direction of the ship's certified Master, participants work closely with crew to learn all aspects of seamanship, from hoisting sails and learning basic navigation to tying knots and even steering. When the evening sky is clear and the weather is warm, the Black Jack may sit out at anchor while participants fall asleep under the stars.