Fair Jeanne Group Voyage
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Day 1 Friday evening

  • 1830hrs- participant’s sign in, duffle bag shuffle
  • 1930hrs- In-house- group will be split into watches and go through the safe operation of the ship
  • 2100hrs – evening snack
  • 2100hrs – ship to get underway and move to anchor (weather dependent may stay along side first evening)
  • 2200hrs – debriefing, journal writing and reflection time
  • 2230hrs – anchor over night – watches will be stood all night (split watches the first evening, while on night watch participants will learn about how to stand night watch including, taking compass bearings, checking the anchor and safety checks)

Day 2 Saturday

  • 0700hrs – all hands are up
  • 0800hrs – all hands to colours
  • 0815hrs – any hands who have not eaten
  • 0915hrs – Its Happy hour! (ship clean up)
  • 1030hrs- All hands to weigh anchor and set sail
  • 1100hrs – watch on watch, rest of the ships company to gather for a basic lesson in parts of the ship
  • 1200hrs – lunch
  • 1330hrs – knot lesson
  • 1430hrs- sail maneuvering and drills
  • 1530hrs – tall ship Olympics – test your knowledge
  • 1730hrs – dinner
  • 1900hrs – quick lesson on collision regulations and rules of the road (relevant to standing night watch underway)
  • 2000hrs – debriefing, journal writing and reflection time
  • 2030hrs – watches continue standing their watch through the night, while on watch participants will learn about navigation, helming the ship, being a look out and general ship operation.

Day 3 SundayRegister now

  • 1030hrs – all hands are up
  • 1030hrs – Its Happy hour! (ship clean up)
  • 1130hrs- All hands for sail maneuvering
  • 1200hrs – lunch
  • 1400hrs – along side and participants disembark.

Please note that 24 hour watches will be continuously operating on the ship throughout the entire week.

  • 0800 -1200 fore noon watch
  • 1200-1600 afternoon watch
  • 1600-1800 first dog
  • 1800-2000 second dog
  • 2000-0000 evening watch
  • 0000-0400 middle watch
  • 0400-0800 morning watch

Meals are usually done in 2 or 3 sittings, with the watch coming on watch eating first and the watch going off watch eating last.

Participants are expected to help with meal preparations and clean up, as well as general ship's husbandry. "Take care of the ship, and she will take care of you!"

Please note! The schedule is meant only as a guide, the operation of the ship is dependent on the weather, location, and descretion of the ship's captain. There is room for adding in activities as they are needed or taking them out if it does not fit.

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