Adult Sailing

Summer 2017 Voyages

Sailing Adventure Programs for Adults


Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to sail aboard a square-rigged tall ship and to live the life of a new sailor?


Celebrate Canada 150 on one of the following voyages from Quebec City through the entire Eastern Seaboard. Car pooling and group travel options to/from ship are available.

Quebec City, QC to Lunenburg, NS
Sat July 22 to Thu Aug 10 (Ages 15-25)
This 20-day voyage includes 2 days at RDV2017 Tall Ships Regatta in Quebec City, wonderful Atlantic Canada sailing and 3 days of port activities in both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  High school credit option is available.

Quebec City, QC to Louisburg, NS
Sat July 22 to Thu Aug 4 (Ages 15-25)
This 14-day voyage includes 2 days at RDV2017 Tall Ships Regatta in Quebec City, wonderful Atlantic Canada sailing and 3 days of port activities in Newfoundland and 1 day in Nova Scotia.

Louisburg, NS to Lunenburg, NS
Sat Aug 5 to Thurs Aug 10 (Ages 15-25)
This 6-day voyage includes 3 days of Atlantic sailing, 2 days of port activities in Louisburg and 1 day in Lunenburg NS.

Lunenburg, NS to New York City, NY
Sat Aug 12 to Thu Aug 31 (Ages 15+)
Step aboard for a great 20 day sailing adventure. 6 days of port activities between Lunenburg NS, Shelburne NS, St. John NB and New York.   Sail the eastern seaboard, Martha’s Vineyard & Long Island Sound.

Lunenburg, NS to St John NB
Sat Aug 12 to Thu Aug 17 (Ages 15+)
A convenient 6 day sail through Atlantic Canada.  3 days of beautiful Atlantic Canada sailing, yet an easy distance for pick up and drop offs for families in Atlantic Canada. 3 days of port activities.

St John NB to New York City, NY
Fri Aug 18 to Thu Aug 21 (Ages 15+)
A 14-day sailing adventure in international waters. Three days of port activities and getting to know the ship and your role with the crew before departing St John for the adventure of sailing to New York.



The Tall Ship

Fair Jeanne

The 110-foot Fair Jeanne has sailed more than 150,000 nautical miles in the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence Seaway, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the Caribbean. She sleeps 30, has 10 sails and has masts that soar 80 feet into the air. The Fair Jeanne was built in the late Captain Fuller’s backyard and was launched in 1982.




80 feet above the waterline furling a sail, or feeling the bow spray from 100 feet away – we’ve got adventure in spades.


You’ve learned how to set the sails, how to navigate in rough seas, and you’ve learned to trust in yourself.


Bring the talents you have and learn new skills.   As an adult group, we can learn from one another.


The only way a tall ship runs is through teamwork. Try hauling up the main by yourself and you’ll quickly learn what we mean!


We all start knowing next to nothing about traditional tall ship sailing; it’s all part of the adventure. You’ll learn quickly!


Close quarters, unexpected challenges and shared adventures are the recipe for life-long friendships.

I like steering the ship and learning how and it’ll make me better for next time.