Black Jack

Adventure Camp

Overnight Summer Camp on the Ottawa River

THIS CAMP WILL NOT BE OPERATING ON THE OTTAWA RIVER IN 2017. Please contact us to discuss opportunities for youth to participate in the great 2017 Tall Ships Adventure.

What do you get when you combine an 87′ tall ship, two navy whalers and an island for games, campfires and activities?  A pretty cool overnight summer camp!

Under the watchful eye of Transport Canada certified crew, 12-14 year olds on these 5-10 day overnight camps learn to sail the tall ship Black Jack and explore the Ottawa River in one of our smaller sailing vessels, sleep aboard a floating bunkhouse and play adventure games on sprawling Alexandria Island.  Dividing into ‘watch’ teams they spend their time sailing and learning, swimming and having fun!

Black Jack

What will your role be?

The 87-foot Black Jack is more than 100 years old – launched as a tug in 1904, she was converted into a brigantine in 1952. The Black Jack sails the Ottawa River and the St. Lawrence Seaway, and has even been to New York for a Tall Ships Rendezvous. She boasts 9 sails and has masts that soar 60 feet into the air!

The Island and The Fleet 

Alexandria Island

On the Ottawa River near Fitzroy, Ontario, Alexandria boasts a ropes course, campfire pit, swimming area, and 15 acres to explore via games and activities.

Navy Whalers

With 2 masts and 3 sails, these 27-foot sailing vessels are ideal for learning the ropes. They also have long oars for those less-than-breezy days!


A floating bunkhouse and a supply barge round out the Black Jack island fleet. The 2-storey bunk barge sleeps 30 and has a wood stove for cooking.