Winter Program

Work Parties, Shore-Based Training & Certification

The Bytown Brigantine Winter Program invites crew and trainees to work on their logbooks, help with ship maintenance and participate in training and certification programs.  Earn volunteer hours and prepare for 2017 amazing voyages!

Brr…as fall sets in we have some work to do on the ships to prepare them for winter and get work done in the shop.

Work Parties

Integral to ship maintenance and program development, work parties allow crew, trainees & volunteers to work on logbook items and count volunteer hours.


BBI in-house training welcomes crew and senior trainees who are looking for various certifications recommended or required to work aboard our Tall Ships.

Social Events

Welcoming people to the office for the pancake breakfast,¬†shaking off the cobwebs on a preseason sail, a night out at the movies all fall into this “fun” category.