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Donations and fundraising events ensure the Captain Thomas G. Fuller Bursary is available to families who would like their child to experience a unique overnight summer camp.  We never leave a young person ashore for lack of funds.

All  vessels are inspected annually by Transport Canada for sail training certification.  Crew are certified by Transport Canada guidelines. Seasonal short & long term job opportunities exist with the organization.

The Black Jack offers a unique summer camp for youth ages 12 to 14.   Adventure camps for teens aboard the Fair Jeanne  offer sail training and options for earning a high school summer school credit, festivals and events.

Bytown Brigantine Academy (BBA) is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education and a professional marine training facility certified by Transport Canada.


We aspire to provide education, training and a demanding environment to allow young people to develop qualities of leadership and self-reliance through the medium of sailing vessels.

Bytown Brigantine is committed to:

  • Never having a ship alongside if she could be sailing
  • Never sailing with an empty berth
  • Never leaving a young person ashore for want of funds
  • Encouraging excellence, not sameness

For over 25 years, Bytown Brigantine has been an organization for youth, run by youth. Our program dates back to one young teenager who stubbornly believed that he could take a lonely and unused sailing ship, refit the vessel into active duty and then sail it to Quebec City with a youth crew to participate in an international tall ship event.

Our founder, Simon Fuller, stood before the tall ship Black Jack as a teenager and dreamed of adventure under sail. He believed that young people, with the right support, determination, practice and resolve could achieve the loftiest of goals and the highest of responsibilities, regardless of age.

Bytown Brigantine Inc. is a registered charity and exists through the commitment and dedication of its donors and volunteers.

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