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Tall Ship Sailing for Youth Ages 12+

What do we offer?

Bytown Brigantine Tall Ships Adventure inspires leadership, good citizenship and life-long friendships while sailing tall ships Fair Jeanne and Black Jack.

Never sailed before? No problem. Our summer camps and voyages give youth an unforgettable and unique tall ship sailing adventure – no experience needed. Our crew show you the ropes and you’ll be amazed  what you learn in this hands-on, hands-over-hands, hands-off learning environment!

Climb the rigging, set the sails, navigate through narrow channels and keep a careful watch.  We know you will make new friends, have fun and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

Black Jack Adventure Camp for is for youth ages 12-14.  In a small group, team building environment, youth sail the Black Jack and navy whalers, explore the 1000 Islands and have some pretty cool overnight stops at forts, islands, beaches and historical places.

Fair Jeanne voyages welcome youth 14+ to live aboard the tall ship Fair Jeanne on 5-24 day adventure camp for teens.   In addition to sail training and exploration you could earn a summer school credit via Bytown Brigantine Academy, participate in festivals and explore other tall ships, learn small boat maneuvers and more.

Learn more about and how crew, senior trainees and adult volunteers prepare for the upcoming season, volunteering, learning theory and continuing summer friendships!


 Are you 14 years or older? All voyages qualify for the Duke of Edinburgh Award “Adventurous Journey” at the bronze, silver or gold levels.


Learn and live like a sailor!

Whether you register to sail on the Black Jack or the Fair Jeanne, trainees discover the adventure and thrill of working as a team to meet the challenge of navigating an authentic tall ship.

Throughout each camp or voyage, regular instruction and shipboard routine will be maintained. You may find yourself hoisting the sails, steering the ship, standing anchor watch or helping cook meals! Perhaps you’ll climb high up into the rigging to furl the sails or out onto the bowsprit to free a sail — something new all the time. Youth address anxiety, learn to cope in difficult situations and make lifelong friends along the way.

Officer in Training

A limited number of Officer in Training (OT) positions are available with Bytown Brigantine. This is part of an ongoing effort to train and develop young leaders to become crew aboard our ships in the years to come. Preference is shown to young people with an aptitude to accept responsibility for their actions, coupled with a strong desire to take an active role in traditional tall ship sailing. In addition to routine duties, Officers in Training are expected to maintain a study schedule leading to Petty Officer level and must participate for a minimum of three (3) consecutive program weeks. OTs receive 20% off the total cost of their summer camp registration.

  1. Complete summer program registration, but choose offline payment, and
  2. Submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] detailing your background, interests, previous leadership experience and sailing experience.

There is a maximum of 2-3 Officers in Training aboard each ship for each session and the applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis.  During the breaks between sessions, OT’s will be accommodated aboard ship.

Black Jack was nothing like I had expected - it was a fun and engaging experience that challenged me in lots of ways, physically and mentally. I loved learning all the new things that came with sailing a ship. I learned the names of all the sails, the types of rigging on every sail. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to sail on this beautiful ship. The captain taught me the physics behind the brigantine, as well as teaching me how the wind works with the ship.

T. Oung, 2018