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Sail Cargo Presentation

Danielle Doggett of #SailCargoInc presented their project to a small group at the Bytown Brigantine office Thursday February 8th.  If you are interested in seeing the presentation, the slides are available here and the booklet can be viewed online. We thank Danielle for coming to share her background in sailing and in particular her passion […]

Christmas at Sea

This is  a true story, taken and rewritten from one of my sea books in my library.  Our Simon Fuller has spent some time on this vessel near Philadelphia at an ASTA meeting a few years ago. Ahoy folks! Picture October 1938, Belfast, Ireland…the fourth largest sailing vessel ever built.  She is a steel four-mast […]

Sea Story: The Nelson Touch

I am sure that every red blooded sea farer that has sailed the 7 seas has read about or seen old sea movies and heard of Admiral Lord Nelson of the long yesteryear British navy.   This lasted up to the end of WWI who ruled the seas almost worldwide (the old British Commonwealth).  This long […]