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Sailing Summer 2023 



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Tall Ships Challenge 2022_edited

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Make new friends, explore new places and discover the amazing life of tall ship sailing.  Working with our young crew, YOU and your new friends will sail the ship. There is a general itinerary but every day is a new adventure filled with possibilities.


This very special year, we will have voyages for younger trainees, whom previously would only be able to sail aboard the Black Jack Vessel.  However, this year, we're announcing one week voyages aboard Fair Jeanne that will be open to trainees from ages 14-18!


Whether you spend the whole summer with us or a few weeks - you will have memories and friendships to last a lifetime! 




There is an opportunity to earn high school credits too!

More details down below!


​No Experience Needed.  Ages 14 - 18. ​

1000 Islands and Lake Ontario: 3-8 July

FJ1: The first Fair Jeanne Voyage will cater to our younger sailors who wish a shorter camp or are just trying it out for the first time! Starting after the Canada Day Long Weekend we will explore the beautiful 1000 Islands with swim calls in secluded bays and visits to historic sites. Once we have our sea legs the ship will head into open water and experience some great sailing in Lake Ontario. This year, port calls will occur in both Canada and the US. 

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1000 Islands and lake ontario: 10-15 July

FJ2: Our second Fair Jeanne Voyage is similar to our first, except this time it's from Kingston back to Brockville! It will still cater to our younger sailors. Sailors will be provided the great sailing in Lake Ontario and exploration of the 1000 Islands as we head east to Brockville. For those wanting a full adventure combine this adventure with the next one as Fair Jeanne navigates the majestic St Lawrence Sea River all the way to Quebec!

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For more information about registration, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable Registrar, Kate at

We strive to never leave a youth ashore for want of funds. Many of our adventures can be paid for in part by our bursary and scholarship opportunities. Click here to learn more about the Captain Thomas & Jeanne Fuller Bursary Fund

St Lawrence Seaway and River to Quebec City: 17-21 July

FJ3: Our third Fair Jeanne Voyage is, in a way, a transition to our fourth Voyage. It will be from Brockville to Quebec City! You can do this trip, or, for a longer adventure add this trip to the voyage before or after.  The St Lawrence Sea Way is a marvel to experience as the ship transits 7 locks, stops in some great ports and sails the St Lawrence from the sea - It is truly a beautiful part of Canada that few ever get to experience from the mighty river.


Gulf Of St. Lawrence - Saguenay, Gaspé Peninsula, Antiosti Island: 23 July to 5 August

FJ4: Last year Fair Jeanne explored the lower St Lawrence and the Saguenay. Armed with that voyage, the ship will now proceed further east. We will still delve into the Saguenay to say hi to the Belugas and explore Saguenay National Park. In addition, we will add Anticosti and Forillon Parks, sail the open ocean day and night and stop in some great east coast ports.  The final port will be connected by VIA rail to ensure cost effective and simple logistics are in place to for your (now) salty sailor to return back home.


Gaspé, Anticosti and Saguenay To Quebec 7-20 August

FJ5: Our fifth Fair Jeanne Voyage is also a two week voyage! Similarly, It will be more catered towards our older sailors, as open ocean and night sailing will be involved. We'll start in Campbelltown, New Brunswick, which is conveniently connected by VIA Rail. We will explore the majestical coastline of Gaspé and the North Shore of Quebec. Before mooring in beautiful Vieux Port Quebec, we will stop in Saguenay, for sure, to watch the magical whales!

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Quebec to Brockville 22 - 27 August

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FJ6: Our last Fair Jeanne Voyage of the season will be a transit, back up the mighty river to Brockville. Explore the beautiful St Lawrence, visit some great towns along the way and experience the locks the Sea Way!  

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We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our office by phone at 613-596-6258 or by email at