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Sailing in Ontario and Quebec 



Make new friends, explore new places and discover the amazing life of tall ship sailing.  Working with our young crew, YOU and your new friends will sail the ship. There is a general itinerary but every day is a new adventure filled with possibilities.


This very special year, we will have voyages for younger trainees, whom previously would only be able to sail aboard the Black Jack Vessel.  However, this year, we're announcing one week voyages aboard Fair Jeanne that will be open to trainees from ages 14-18!


Whether you spend the whole summer with us or a few weeks - you will have memories and friendships to last a lifetime! 





​No Prior Experience Needed.  Ages 15 - 18. ​

1000 Islands and Lake Ontario:
3-8 July-$1727(plus hst)

FJ1: The first Fair Jeanne Voyage is aimed at our younger sailors. No experience is required! Building friendships last a life time. We start in Brockville, and set out to explore the beautiful 1000 Islands. When swimming calls in secluded bays and visits to historic sites. Once we have our sea legs the ship will head into open water and experience some great sailing in Lake Ontario. This year, port calls may include both Canada and the US. We will end in the historic port of Kingston.

Fair Jeane_edited.jpg

1000 Islands & Lake ontario:
10-15 July-$1727(plus HST)

FJ2: Our second Fair Jeanne Voyage is similar to our first, except our journey begins in Kingston.  No two days are the same and no experience required!. An adventure of a life time, aimed again, at our younger sailors. Sailors will be provided the great sailing in Lake Ontario and exploration of the 1000 Islands as we head east ending in Brockville. 

FJ3: Our third Fair Jeanne Voyage is, in a way, a transition to our fourth Voyage. It will be from Brockville to Quebec City! You can do this trip, or, for a longer adventure add this trip to the voyage before or after.  The St Lawrence Sea Way is a marvel to experience as the ship transits 7 locks, stops in some great ports and sails the St Lawrence from the sea - It is truly a beautiful part of Canada that few ever get to experience from the mighty river.

St Lawrence Seaway and River to Quebec City: 17-21 July-$1425 (plus HST)

FJ4: Start your voyage with us in Quebec City! We will travel to explore one of SEPAQ's four National Marine Conservation areas in the Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park. Discover natural wonders found within the fiord and coastline; spend time whale watching; indulge in tide pools; and test your merit on some towering cliff hikes. After all that, let the call of adventure and wayfinding spirit be your compass as you return to Quebec City to celebrate. 


Quebec City-St Lawrence Seaway-Saguenay Marine Park-Quebec City: 23 July to 5 August-$4500 (plus HST)

Program Highlights:

  • Experiential, hands-on leadership and team building opportunities

  • Earn your high school credit (GPP 30 Leadership and Peer Support)

  • Earn your Duke of Ed Award

  • No prior experience necessary

FJ5: Begin your adventure in Quebec City; one of Canada’s most diverse cities. This voyage will have you traveling through a unique marine transportation system made possible by the construction of locks. After that, you will navigate through the 1000 Islands corridor and Lake Ontario. Explore the many coves, harbors, and open reaches, with terrific freshwater sailing to be had.  If wind and weather permit, you will also visit the Fort George National Historic Site. So many different itineraries will be plotted to test your leadership and sailing skills before you end your journey in Kingston ON.

Quebec City-1000 Islands-Lake Ontario-Kingston: 7-20 August-$4500 (plus HST)

Program Highlights:

  • Experiential, hands-on leadership and team building opportunities

  • Earn your high school credit (GPP 30 Leadership and Peer Support)

  • Earn your Duke of Ed Award

  • No prior experience necessary

BT20120901tall ships for Peter-8.jpg

FJ6: Lake Ontario takes its name from the Huron or Wendat language meaning 'Large Lake' or (alternatively) 'Lake of Shining Waters'. This voyage will start in Kingston, Ontario, and the wind and weather will dictate our route! Along the way, opportunity to learn more about the unique maritime history; sail in the largest interconnected body of freshwater – the 1000 Islands National Park system which was established in 1904. There will be a number of other fun things on our list to visit including, but not limited to: Clayton, New York and the Village of Sackets Harbor (a vibrant lakeside community, offering year-round activities and many sites to explore). Our destination on this voyage will be Brockville Ontario’s Tall Ships Landing Marina, our home port!

Kingston-Lake Ontario-1000 Island-Brockville: 22 - 27 August-$1727 (plus HST)

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