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4 Activities That'll Make The Most Of Your Summer 21'

Updated: May 6, 2021

Have a blast this summer while showing boredom who's boss

Well, it's been a whole year since we last asked ourselves "how will we make the most of summer?" This year we want you to stop worrying about the prospect of "another wasted summer". Don't just stew in your house again this summer. That will do nothing good for your mental health. Instead, you gotta make the most of the season!

The time for fun is here!

Find a new thing to enjoy, try something you haven't tried before and remain positive! In this blog, we're gonna help you beat boredom with 4 awesome, and more importantly FUN ways you can make the most of summer 21'.


Quickly becoming a favourite activity among youth is exploring the many stunning waterfalls Ontario has to offer. Sure, everyone knows about Niagra Falls, but what about the lesser-known options? Avoid the crowds and be sure to checkout Ragged Falls, a short drive 20 minutes West of Algonquin Park.

You can also check out the following waterfalls close to, and right in Ottawa!

2) Crown Land Adventures

More people than ever are fleeing the big city for some safe, socially distanced camping. Don't get us wrong, that's awesome and we're stoked to see so many flocking to Ontario's beautiful campgrounds.

So many people are starting to camp, those popular camping destinations such as Algonquin Park are seeing record-breaking sales/reservations. That's leading to a lot of folks being unable to grab a spot, and even worse scalpers are starting to sell sites at big markups.

So what do you do if you still wanna get out of the city this summer and explore?

Take it to the Province's Crown Land!

Many people don't know that Canadians have a right to explore, and even camp on Crown Land. From hunting, fishing, hiking, and even chilling around a campfire, you can still get all the same fun you would at a Provincial Park minus the crowds, scalpers, and high prices.

*Right now you just can't camp in a tent or trailer due to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. Keep an eye on the restrictions as they can change quickly. As soon as the stay-at-home order is lifted, get your tent or trailer ready and CAMP AWAY!

3) Learn How To Sail A Tall Ship

Second, on our summer activities list is sailing on, and learning how to sail a tall ship, like the one above! Just picture it now, you're on the water with your closest friends enjoying sites and sounds you'd otherwise have never seen.

We mainly sail the Ottawa River and around the Great Lakes, but we occasionally offer voyages in the North Atlantic Ocean. Our adventures are mainly for youth and teens aged 12-18. However, we have a few adult voyages that take place in the fall.

Not only that, but you also have the ability to earn high school credits while having the adventure of a lifetime! Rest assured, our Bytown Brigantine Academy (BBA) is accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Here at Tall Ships Adventure, we're a youth sail training organization run and lead by youth, and we've been doing it for over 30 years now! We believe that young people, with the right support, determination, practice, and resolve, can achieve the loftiest of goals and the highest of responsibilities, regardless of age. To do this, we create opportunities and challenge young people to stretch their self-concept and reach for more, aboard ship, and in life.

4) Rocks Rock, Right?

What many Ontarian's may not know is we're home to quite a few awesome cave systems you can explore! Just a quick 10-minute drive from Eganville is the stunning Bonnechere Caves.

Family owned and operated, this awesome cave system is fun for the whole family, and people of all ages. People come from near and far to witness the craftiness and natural beauty that Mother Nature has gifted us.

Not only do they offer guided tours, but they also offer special events such as "Fossil Hunts" where people of all ages can explore the area, and hunt for cool fossils!

While at the Bonnechere Caves, you will be walking around in (virtually) untouched systems that have been around since before the time of the dinosaurs! Be sure to check it out as the Bonnechere Caves are a big hit among local adventure seekers.

Looking for more caves to explore? Check out this link here and find 10 awesome systems to explore

Ready to have an awesome Summer? Learn more about our adventures here.