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Tall Ships Winter Program

When people hear the words “Tall Ships Adventure”, they do (and should!) immediately imagine our awesome 18th-century ships - the SV Black Jack, and the SV Fair Jeanne. They imagine our dedicated crews working hard as a team to effectively, and safely, navigate waterways of all kinds.

They imagine the blasts of our cannons, the ships slamming into tall waves, people shouting out orders. They’ll even imagine how people live, sleep, cook, pass the time, and how we complete other basic day-to-day activities - all within such close quarters!

Not Your Average Summer Camp

The reality is, it’s tough! This is not your average summer camp. This is not your average summer adventure either. It’s so much better than that!

Tall Ships Adventure supports youth during one of the toughest times of a person’s life. Through the medium of Tall Ship Sailing, we help the next generation of leaders grow in ways people never thought possible.

As soon as youth step aboard, they immediately become trainees on authentic Tall Ships during their adventures. Trainees learn how to operate the ships alongside our talented crew, which drives them to really becoming part of the crew themselves.

Youth take the helm, learn to chart a course, haul lines, climb aloft to furl sails, and complete various team-building activities around the galley.

Through doing these activities, and working as a team, they learn to overcome real-life challenges, thus building leadership skills, increasing self-confidence and resilience, developing interpersonal relationships, all while also having the time of their lives!

Growing Seamanship Skills, Gaining Certifications, And Log Books

To help our trainees along their journey of becoming skilled sailors, we developed our Log Book system. Our Log Book is made up of 3 different levels that correspond to ranks onboard our ships. Should trainees complete their Level II, and get promoted to Petty Officer, they will be given an official CREW jacket!

Going even further, should a trainee complete Level III in their Log Books, they will be more prepared for professional certification with Transport Canada!

The successful completion of Level III in the Log Book is designed to prepare participants to sit for professional certification with Transport Canada. Many of our program's alumni go on to lead successful careers with the Merchant Marine, Navy, or Coast Guard after achieving their Level III certification. Some have even returned to assume command of our ships!

But how else can you advance in your Log Books with the Summer being so short? Is there anywhere any aspiring Maritime Professional can learn more in the off-season? The answer is the Tall Ships Adventure Winter Program!

Winter Program

What many people may not think about is how the crew, the ship, (and our trainees!) prepare for their summertime adventure. Each Winter, Tall Ships Adventure offers a specially designed Winter Program for trainees to advance in their Log Books.

Not only that, but it's also a great opportunity to learn valuable seamanship skills that better position a trainee for a Summer of sailing!

Having these skills, and getting this unique experience prepares students for the Transport Canada qualifications required of a professional crew!.

Here are just a few things that trainees can learn this Winter:

  • Navigation

  • Knotwork

  • Teamwork

  • How to operate and navigate a small vessel by sail, small engine, and oar.

A critical part of the Winter Program is maintaining our beautiful ships. Trainees may have the opportunity to learn de-rigging, rigging, painting, varnishing, woodworking, making repairs to the ship's engine and frame, and so much more to ensure our ships are ready for next Summer’s adventures.

Not to tout our own horn, but on top of providing a boatload of Winter fun, we’re also helping prepare youth for a career on the water, and find a lifelong passion! Don't wait until next summer to see your friends and to make new ones!

Would you like to enrich your sailing skills and reach ahead in your logbook?

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