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The Benefits Of Summer Camp

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

The Magic Of Summer Camp

There’s something special, and almost magical about summer camps. It’s where kids of all ages, and backgrounds come to have fun, socialize, and make friends. Summer camp is where so many kids develop intrapersonal AND interpersonal relationships. These benefits are only scratching the surface of the importance of summer camps.

When parents send their kids off to summer camp, they aren’t just booting their kids off the Xbox to spend time outside the house. Parents know that while at summer camp their kids will develop healthy life long habits, skills and attitudes. All of sets their children up to be well-adjusted adults that are better prepared in both work and personal life.

So how, and why does summer camp have this effect on the growth of kids? In this blog we’re going to highlight how attending a summer camp, like Tall Ships Adventure, can help kids develop into motivated, successful and fulfilled adults.

Intrapersonal Growth

Become a better version of yourself! Kids that go to summer camp are given the opportunity to test the boundaries on their comfort zone in a safe and caring environment. Succeeding in these environments and even failing while feeling supported increases their self-confidence.

At Tall Ships Adventure we strive to banish imposter syndrome in our trainees, give them opportunities to lead and help them build skills for life long intrapersonal intelligence.

Following summer camp, campers walk away with a great sense of self and greater confidence.

Fostering Positive Relationships

Friends, friends and more friends! Being at a camp like Tall Ships Adventure is like moving into a new community. At Tall Ships Adventure, kids quickly learn to work together as a crew to ensure the ships are, literally, sailing smoothly.

Through teamwork and with the support of our talented crew, kids build relationships with each other, their crew and learn how to manage conflict, all to keep the ship sailing! During their Tall Ships Adventure, youth take the helm, learn to chart a course, haul lines, climb aloft to furl sails, complete activities around the galley, and ship maintenance.

Youth increase self-confidence and resilience while having the time of their lives! Working as a team they learn to overcome real-life challenges that help resolve conflict while building lifelong friendships.

During their time with Tall Ships Adventure, youth learn about navigation, engine room operations, cooking, public speaking, and so much more! We aim to change lives, build leadership skills and create opportunities for young people to develop self-reliance through the medium of sailing.

We believe that young people, with the right support, determination, practice, and resolve, can achieve the loftiest of goals and the highest of responsibilities, regardless of age. We create opportunities and challenge young people to stretch their self-concept and reach for more aboard ship and in life.

Unplug and Experience The Great Outdoors

Easily one of the biggest benefits of attending a summer camp like Tall Ships Adventure is the amount of time spent outdoors. During their adventures with us, youth will be able to explore local waterways like they have never seen them before: aboard 18th-century Tall Ships.

We're champions of getting kids out of the house during the summer months to experience the great outdoors. We even have a bursary for those who need financial assistance!

Spending days on the water, exploring swimming holes, island hoping, beautiful sunsets and precious time away from screens are all things our trainees have to look forward to while sailing with Tall Ships Adventure. And who doesn't love a great picture for their socials of themselves living their best life in the great outdoors?

Have A Legendary Story To Tell

At Tall Ships Adventure, you can kiss your fear of missing out good-bye! Throughout their voyage with us, kids get a lot of opportunities to soak up as much summer as humanly possible. Trainees (campers) get the chance to visit islands that rarely get any visitors. They’ll get the chance to swim, play camp activities, have campfires, sleep under the stars, fire cannons, and so much more. Did we mention kids also have the chance to jump (or leap!) off our ship’s rope swing and into the water below?!

Kids come off the ship with so many great stories and memories to share with their friends and families back home. A Tall Ships Adventure during the summer is a hard summer to beat!

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