2020-2021 Tall Ships Adventure Academy (BBA) Programs

Delivered from September 2020 to June 2021 – in a online and in-house setting with 114 hours of teaching engagement plus 20 volunteer hours. Successful completion will result in a scholarship program aboard Black Jack or Fair Jeanne (2021).

Additionally, and as part of this year long learning opportunity, trainees with a passing grade may qualify for a sailing scholarship to go towards the next sailing season and can be applied to a future sailing experience within 24 months using the scale seen below:

90% and above = $250 credit

80% to 89% average = $150 credit

70% to 79% average = $100 credit

To register for the Tall Ships Adventure Academy (BBA) program, download and submit the 2020 registration form and email to the Registrar as soon as possible to secure your booking. Payment plans are available and the Captain Thomas & Jeanne Fuller Bursary Fund exists to support youth who would not otherwise afford to set sail. In order to participate in our programs, you must agree to Bytown Brigantine’s Standing Orders.

Installment payments are accepted with the final payment due November 1st, 2020. A $250 non-refundable deposit is required to secure registration. A full cancellation policy is available in the registration document.

We accept E-Transfer transfers to [email protected]
Cheques are also accepted and mailed to the office.

Enter below: Trainee name, program #, your email and then click “Pay Now”


Program 1 (12 years & up)


Seamanship Reach Ahead

$995 (HST included)


Program 2 (13 years and up (Grade 8 Reach Ahead)

Tall Ships “Art of the Sailor” – Ministry of Education High School credit “Integrated Arts” ALC10/ALC20

$995 (HST included)

Program 3 (15 years and up (Grade 10 Reach Ahead)

Tall Ships “Sailing into LeaderSHIP – Ministry of Education High School credit “Leadership and Peer Support” GPP30

$995 (HST included)

Program 4 ( 15 years and up)

Officer Training 

$995 (HST included)

Commitment Requirement for Programs 1-3:

One full weekend per month in Ottawa (or Brockville)

One 2 hour online learning session per week.

Combine any two programs at a cost of $1592 (HST included). For example, one trainee could take Program 3 and 4 at the same time. *Fees for 3rd party exams and art supplies are not included. BBI is prepared to offer a payment installment schedule for program fees.


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