Bytown Brigantine Academy

Summer School Aboard a Tall Ship

Welcome to Bytown Brigantine Academy, an Ontario private school inspected by the Ministry of Education.  The Academy was established in 2011 and operates summer school for high school students exclusively on board the 110’ SV Fair Jeanne during the summer months.

The Academy

Bytown Brigantine Academy commits itself to providing lasting and meaningful change in our students.  Summer high school courses are taught to emphasize a direct relationship between the learning material of the course & the world ashore.

The Ship

Aboard the 110′ Fair Jeanne, students use the boardroom, the deck and other spaces aboard ship for learning and studying.  An open air classroom?  A unique classroom experience? No problem, that’s our specialty!

The Instructors

BBA instructors are creative, energetic educators who are supported by professional crew aboard ship.   Educators have an experiential education background and a keen interest in Tall Ship Sailing, living and working aboard with their students.


Summer School Credits

PPL30 – Healthy Active Living will run July 1 – July 22 on the Toronto to Kincardine voyage.  This course will incorporate fitness, healthy eating and healthy relationships and communication in a comprehensive approach aboard ship. With field trips in different ports, students will have practical and theory based experience.

GPP30 – Leadership & Peer Support, more affectionately known as “Sailing into LeaderSHIP” at BBA, will run August 10 – August 31 on the Sarnia – Brockville voyage.   As an open credit course in experiential leadership, students will develop a greater self-awareness of their leadership skills and receive guidance and support in order to develop such qualities.

Students will develop skills in communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork and conflict management within a demanding yet rewarding shipboard environment.  The sailing ship as an educational platform lends itself to a unique perspective from which to draw an understanding of group dynamics and stages of group development.

He came home so excited and motivated. It was an amazing experience for him. He was full of stories about all of their adventures and everything he learned. I know he is looking forward to another journey. He is hooked! What a wonderful opportunity you have provided for a young man that would not have otherwise been able to have. This has helped shape him and focus his interests in healthy avenues.

M. Puskas, 2018 (mom)