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Voyages, Camps, Courses and Events

The deposit for all camps and voyages is $200.00. This is non-refundable but applied to the total camp/voyage fee. Please enter the information indicated below to make your deposit. You may make further payments at any time via this form or via e-transfer. Download the application form to complete registration and view e-transfer instructions.

Trainee name, voyage name, guardian email

Financial Aid Application

The Captain and Mrs T.G. Fuller bursary fund strives to leave no young person ashore for lack of funds.  We offer full and partial bursaries as well as flexible payment options to ensure our voyages are accessible to everyone.   Register for your voyage of choice and click “offline payment”.

Download a bursary application.

Officer in Training

The Bytown Brigantine Officer in Training program is similar to a counsellor in training program, aside from the fact that you are not only overseeing youth in your “watch” , you also have the opportunity for further training in navigation, WHIMIS,  VHF radio training and more.   Many OT’s become crew members and go on to secure employment in related fields.

Register for the voyage of your choosing but click “Offline Payment”. Submit a cover letter and resume to [email protected] detailing your background, interests, previous leadership experience and sailing experience, if any.