Tall Ships Adventure Academy


Welcome to Bytown Brigantine Tall Ships Adventure Academy (BBA)!

An Ontario independent school inspected by the Ministry of Education,  the Academy was established in 2011 and operates for high school students grades 9 to 11.

The Academy

BBA commits itself to provide lasting and meaningful change in our students.  High School courses are taught to emphasize a direct relationship between the learning material of the course & the world ashore.

The Instructors

BBA instructors are creative, energetic and qualified educators who are supported by qualified professional crew aboard ship.   Educators have an experiential education background and a keen interest in Tall Ship Sailing.


High School Credits

GPP30 – Leadership & Peer Support, more affectionately known as “Sailing into LeaderSHIP” AND ALC10/ALC20 – Integrated Arts, more affectionately known as “The Art of the Sailor”. Bytown Brigantine Academy (BBA) will run from September 2020 to June 2021 in a “hybrid” model that will include online learning with in-person training during weekends. (located at BBI office in Ottawa)

As an open credit course in experiential leadership, students will develop a greater self-awareness of their leadership skills and receive guidance and support in order to develop such qualities.

Students will develop skills in communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork and conflict management within a demanding yet rewarding shipboard environment.  The sailing ship as an educational platform lends itself to a unique perspective from which to draw an understanding of group dynamics and stages of group development.

2020-2021 Tall Ships Adventure Academy Programs

COVID-19 Policy

Tall Ships Adventure and Tall Ships Adventure Academy continue to be committed to creating a safe environment. In response to the pandemic we have developed new policies and procedures available here: Covid Policy & Screening and Release. We will continue to monitor the situation and modify our procedures accordingly.

Similar to sailing a tall ship, we must all work together to stop the spread of Covid-19. Each of us must take responsibility for ensuring our own health and doing our best to protect the health of our neighbour. Your participation in our in-person programming requires you to be familiar with and agree to our policies.


Delivered from September 2020 to June 2021 – in an online and in-house setting with 114 hours of teaching engagement plus 20 volunteer hours. Successful completion will result in a scholarship program aboard Black Jack or Fair Jeanne (2021).

Additionally, and as part of this year long learning opportunity, trainees with a passing grade may qualify for a sailing scholarship to go towards the next sailing season and can be applied to a future sailing experience within 24 months using the scale seen below:

90% and above = $250 credit

80% to 89% average = $150 credit

70% to 79% average = $100 credit

To register for the Tall Ships Adventure Academy program, download and submit the 2020 registration form and email to the Registrar as soon as possible to secure your booking. Payment plans are available and the Captain Thomas & Jeanne Fuller Bursary Fund exists to support youth who would not otherwise afford to set sail.

Click here to visit the Program Registration page for details about each course outline, annual course calendar, fees and to register.


Commitment Requirement for Programs 1-3:

  • One full weekend per month in Ottawa (or Brockville)
  • One 1.5 hour online learning session per week.

Combine any two programs at a total cost of $1592. (HST included)
* Fees for 3rd party exams and art supplies are not included. BBI is prepared to offer a payment installment schedule for program fees.

Program 1 (12 years & up)

“Seamanship Reach Ahead” (Fall and Spring)

$995 (HST included)

This course prepares students to act as competent leaders aboard the Bytown Brigantine fleet of vessels. This course includes interactive and fun activities to build useful life skills such as workplace safety and the use of tools and the nautical knowledge necessary to advance as professional sailors. Students will work towards the completion of their Leading Seaman level in our log book and develop communication, interpersonal relations, and teamwork skills, applying those skills in leadership and/or peer support roles. These skills are transferable to every aspect of life. Classes run from Sept. 23- June 27, with a virtual class on Wednesdays from 7:00 -8:30 pm as well as one in-person weekend* per month in either Brockville or Ottawa.

Program 2 (Grade 8 Reach Ahead, 9 and 10 )

Tall Ships “Art of the Sailor” – Ministry of Education High School credit “Integrated Arts” ALC10/ALC20

$995 (HST included)

– No prior art or sailing experience needed. Students will discover the arts in the proud Canadian maritime tall ship traditions. Exploring mediums in a nautical context such as drama, film, music, and visual arts, this high school credit course will allow students to learn about traditions such as the role of tattoo and rope/knot art in the sailing world. Some of these skills can count towards the completion of your log book levels. Classes run from Sept. 24- June 27, with a virtual class on Thursdays from 7:00 -8:30 pm as well as one in-person weekend* per month in either Brockville or Ottawa.

Program 3 (Grade 10 Reach Ahead, 11, and 12)

Tall Ships “Sail into LeaderSHIP – Ministry of Education High School credit “Leadership and Peer Support” GPP30

$995 (HST included)

– No prior sailing experience needed. This course develops student’s interpersonal relations, teamwork, and communication skills. In this high school credit course, students will receive training in conflict management and peer support. This program examines group dynamics and will equip students with tools they can use every day! Classes run from Sept. 29- June 27, with a virtual class on Tuesdays from 7:00 -8:30 pm as well as one in-person weekend* per month in either Brockville or Ottawa

Program 4 ( 15 years and up)

Introduction Junior Crew and Petty Officer Training & Intermediate Crew – Watch Officer Training 

$995 (HST included)

This program is recommended for students looking to become a volunteer or even paid ship’s crew. It focuses on advanced seamanship skills required to serve on a tall ship that can be found in the Petty Officer and Watch Officer levels in our log book. We strongly recommend you take advantage of the “Sail into Leadership” at the same time and earn a high school credit. This course also prepares students for the Transport Canada qualifications required of professional crew such as the SVMO exam. Classes run from Sept. 23- June 27, with a virtual class on Wednesdays from 7:00 -8:30 pm as well as one in-person weekend* per month in either Brockville or Ottawa.

Contact Us

Office: 613-596-6258

Email for inquiries and to submit program registration forms: [email protected]



*there is the option to take part in weekend activities online.

Combine Two Courses!

You can take the two streams (Seamanship and High School Credit) individually or together. However, for students more serious about crewing on a tall ship and completing their logbook, there is an advantage to enrolling in both simultaneously. Our “Officer Training” course will be working closely with the “Sail into Leadership” credit class to build strong soft skills while developing hard skills such as navigation and chart work. If you plan on taking the “Officer Training” course, we highly recommend you consider registering for “Sail into Leadership” credit class as well since you will already be completing a large portion of the material. That being said either training course can be combined with either credit course. The seamanship courses allow students to hone their skills for next summer, and the high school open credit courses help students trying to get ahead of their course load and hopefully boost their average. Each course is $995 (HST included) or combine any two programs to save 20% for a total cost of $1592(HST included). Students successful in their courses can earn a scholarship to participate in a Bytown Brigantine tall ship voyage!