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Keeping everyone on our ships healthy, safe and enjoying their adventure has always been and continues to be vital to us.  We expect our team to lead by example in upholding safety regulations and procedures.  In addition to our regular protocols, we have implemented additional measures to address the current pandemic.  We will continue to monitor the situation to align with the current government protocols and will amend this as appropriate. 

Documentation of a negative laboratory test result must be presented before boarding the ship. The test must be performed using a COVID-19 PCR or a Rapid Antigen test and must be taken within 48 hours before the scheduled departure, per registration instructions.

*EVERYONE ON BOARD MUST SHOW PROOF OF AT LEAST TWO (2) DOSES OF THE COVID-19 VACCINE (in accordance with Transport Canada Regulations).


Additionally, five (5) days before joining the ship for overnight camps, everyone must: 


  • If possible, trainees are encouraged to limit contact with others five (5) days before boarding the ship.

  • Wash your hands frequently (every time you touch your face or a surface)

  • Keep disinfectant wipes at hand and frequently clean surfaces. 

  • Before boarding the ship, crew, trainees, and volunteers must produce proof of a negative COVID test taken in the last 48 hours 

  • Provide this documentation to join the adventure; you will not be permitted to board the ship without it. 

  • Proof of vaccination will NOT impact the requirements listed above.     

We have made the following modifications to the ship and our operations:

  • Limiting the number of people aboard the ship

  • Increasing air circulation – added new porthole screens to increase airflow

  • Implementing new, more robust cleaning schedules

  • Providing more opportunities for hand sanitation and hand washing

  • Creation of a shipboard isolation space(s)

  • Additional COVID-19 training for our crew 

Travel insurance is highly recommended. Cancellations by the participant resulting from medical or extraordinary reasons may be covered by travel insurance; however, such insurance coverage is at the sole discretion and is the sole responsibility of the participant.

Click here to view our 2022 COVID-19 Policy. A final draft will be issued following the publication of provincial and regional public health guidelines and regulations.


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