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The foundation of our program stretches back to one young teenager who stubbornly believed that he could take a lonely and unused sailing ship, refit the vessel into active duty, and then sail it to Quebec City with a youth crew to participate in an international tall ship event. 

It would be easy to write this story as a fantastical tale of fiction, but after recruiting youth from around the neighbourhood and selling them on the idea of setting sail for Quebec City, Simon Fuller really took a ragtag motley crew of boys and girls and an idle brigantine out of Britannia and turned them into top-notch seafarers ready for adventure on a Bristol ship named 'Black Jack'. 

Our founder, Simon Fuller, stood before the tall ship SV Black Jack as a teenager and dreamed of adventure under sail. He believed (and still believes) that young people, with the right support, determination, practice, and resolve could achieve the loftiest of goals and the highest of responsibilities regardless of age. He then proved it as the SV Black Jack sailed into Quebec City and joined a fleet of magnificent ships from around the world.

Tall Ships Adventure is a product of the spirit, imagination, and tenacity of youth.  Its foundation lies solidly on the young-at-heart and the parents, grandparents, and guardians who allowed them to explore their potential through watchful eyes, gentle nudges and (sometimes) bated breath. Simon Fuller would not have been able to reach Quebec City without the support of his family and the guidance of his father who taught Simon that a good sailor requires both strengths of character and top-notch seamanship skills.

For over 25 years, Tall Ships Adventure has been an organization for youth, run by youth. Our ships and programs operate and depend on their vision, commitment, and elbow grease. We uphold the highest standards of safety and service to inspire by fostering the growth and development of leadership, confidence, and self-reliance.

Simon Fuller's perseverance and dedication are a testament to the ideals held and displayed by his father, the late Captain Thomas Fuller, owner of SV Black Jacks and builder of SV Fair Jeanne and renowned "Pirate of the Adriatic" during the Second World War. The Fuller family generously supports Tall Ships Adventure through annual capital contributions to both training ships. 


Tall Ships Adventure is a registered charity and exists through the commitment and dedication of its volunteers.

Tall Ships Adventure (Bytown Brigantine Inc.)

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