Keep the Tall Ship fun going all Winter long, AND learn a thing or two!


Don't wait until next summer to see your friends and to make new ones! Would you like to enrich your sailing skills and reach ahead in your logbook?


If yes, then this program is for you!


This Winter 2022  Tall Ships Adventure is providing a fun and engaging opportunity to further develop skills learned during the summer sailing season. From logbook lessons to hands-on experience, there is something new for everyone to learn! 

This year, all lessons are planned to be in-person on weekends, in Ottawa.

We're happy to offer participants the chance to take unique courses that give them valuable seamanship skills.


Having these skills, and getting this unique experience prepares students for the Transport Canada qualifications required of a professional crew! Specific skills, topics and certifications that will be covered include:

•       Advanced Marine First Aid certification 
•       Radio Operator Lisence (ROM-M)
•       Chart work and navigation training 
•       Collision regulations (or how to avoid collisions!)
•       Skills needed to acquire your PCOC 
•       Ditty bag making 
•       WHMIS training 


Students also develop problem-solving and analytical skills, work on planning, setting, and achieving goals, as well as developing character, a sense of self, and how to be a contributing member of a dynamic team.


We don't want to tout our own horn, but on top of having a boat load of fun, we are helping prepare students for a career on the water, and find a lifelong passion. 

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  • A collection of lessons running all Winter long.

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