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Annual BBI Awards

When we say that our trainees and crew do the most incredible things, we really mean it. That's why every fall once all of our squashbucklers are back on land and our ships are moored in the harbour, we gather together for the annual BBI Awards to recognize their achievements. All trainees who demonstrate courage, dedication, and a true love for sail training are eligible for consideration in a wide array of award categories. To learn more about the awards you can win while onboard the ship and the excellence and dedication our past winners, see the awards categories below.

Outstanding Junior Officer Award

This honour is awarded to the junior officer who best develops their leadership skills in their first year as a crew member and sets a leading example for their fellow junior crew.

Outstanding Senior Officer (Compass Award)

This honour is awarded to the senior crew member who demonstrates a profound passion for and dedication to the medium of sailing. Winners of this award often go on to have long and fulfilling careers in the maritime industry


Lobscouse Award 

The Lobscouse award is given to the trainee who shows tremendous initiative and interest in all of the happenings in the galley whether it be helping the cook prepare meals or assisting with clean-up.

Bosun Award (Formerly the Propeller Award)

This honour is awarded annually to our most knowledgeable, skillful and reliable bosun. Winners of this award know the ship like the back of their hand and are always there to ensure she sails smoothly 

Bosun Award.JPG

Marlinspike Award

The Marlinspike award goes to the crew member or trainee who demonstrates extensive knowledge of the little things. Whether it be tying complicated knots or mending the sails, they can be relied upon to have the know-how to get the job done.


Pelorus Prize

The Pelorus prize is a very prestigious honour and is awarded annually to the crew member who demonstrates world-class navigational skills.

Mainstay Award

This is awarded to the individual who actively participates with the BBI program on all fronts while  demonstrating and representing our core values and beliefs


Outstanding Trainee (Knotlog) Award

This honour is awarded to the trainee who demonstrates courage, leadership, and an eagerness to learn new skills. Recipients of this award often go on to become crew members in subsequent years.

trainee award.JPG

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Awarded to the volunteer or volunteers who display positive energy, resourcefulness and generosity


Captain T.G. Fuller Certificate

Presented to every trainee who successfully completes a session aboard one of our Tall Ships. 

Captain Fuller.JPG
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