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Your temporary home on the water, where you will eat, sleep, and breathe tall ships for the next 10 days will become your sanctuary and launchpad for grand adventures. The wind will set our course as we explore historic lighthouses, castles, and secluded bays. Whether you are a complete novice or a returning trainee looking to enhance your skills, our programs have been specifically designed to ensure an exciting, exacting, and exhilarating seafaring experience. Most importantly those participating work as a team within a routine environment of ‘watches’ and are challenged to undertake new tasks.  While gathering sea time, qualifications, and work experience, voyage crew will be learning skills that will benefit them in any employment in the industry. 

Experiential, hands-on leadership and team building opportunities 

No Prior experience needed

Complete Duke of Ed Journey

Bursary & Scholarships Available

JULY 3 - 12, 2024


Embark on this 10-day adventure, we will explore the 1000 Islands in Canada and US waters.

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