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Imagine embarking on this 14-day voyage where the SV Fair Jeanne is the classroom. Our destination each day is directed by the wind, the waves & the weather. Discover unfamiliar places and meet new people: Make friends with like-minded peers who share your passion. Boost your future career prospects: This is your opportunity to gain critical professional and leadership skills with a global impact. The lake is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including eagles, ospreys, and herons. We explore the islands and see the historic castles and lighthouses that dot the shoreline. There will always be an opportunity to learn more: from sail handling; to steering the ship; to keeping a log, to making repairs, to cooking and to achieving higher levels in your logbook! Our Captain and Crew teach you skills so you can take the helm, set the course and steer. Be part of a team where no matter how skillful you are you rely on each other because no one can sail the ship alone.



Trainees who embark on a 14-day voyage will have the option to earn a GPP30 (Leadership and Careers) high school credit through the Bytown Brigantine Academy (BBA)

Experiential, hands-on leadership and team building opportunities 

No Prior experience needed

Complete Duke of Ed Journey

Earn a high school credit

Bursary & Scholarships Available

JULY 15 - 28, 2024 SOLD OUT


The ship is your classroom! The wind, waves and weather direct our learning. Our teacher/crew and captain are mentors who provide a compass for learning.


AUGUST 13 - 26, 2024


*The GPP30 Leadership credit will no longer be taught on this voyage.

Embark on fourteen days of adventure and growth aboard the Fair Jeanne as she sets her sails on Lake Ontario and discover all that this lake has to offer. Trainees who participate in this voyage will have an experience like no other, with uninterrupted days of sailing and fun. 

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