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This summer program for is a perfect chance to build leadership skills and discover the best that Great Lakes and St Lawrence has to offer!  While living on board, our sail training voyages combine the art of traditional tall ship sailing, team building, and leadership development into a once in a lifetime adventure.

You will become the next generation of sailors to fully immerse themselves in shipboard life with the emphasis on fun. You become part of the crew as the entire team must come together to work the sails. You will not find any modern sailing conveniences like winches and self-furling sails here! Yet, below the decks, the galley is modern, and the food is plentiful. From the moment you step aboard, you will quickly learn that it is our diversity, not sameness that is critical to move the ship. Most importantly those participating work as a team within a routine environment of ‘watches’ and are challenged to undertake new tasks.  While gathering sea time, qualifications and work experience voyage crew will be learning skills that will benefit you at home, school and work

Experiential, hands-on leadership and team building opportunities 

No Prior experience needed

Complete Duke of Ed Journey

Bursary & Scholarships Available

AUGUST 1 - 7, 2024 


7 days and 6 nights of great winds and even greater memories. 

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