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All pages have a header with the title inside. Lower the opacity background image in the header if the text is too difficult to read. Make sure you change the background colour to black as well when you do this so that the image is actually darkened when you slide down the opacity.


Use only the colours from the Site Design's "Themed Colours" they should already be there when you want to change a colour. We primarily use the darker tones--avoid the lighter ones. 


Images can be found in the google photos album in the email. The password is Tallships1! Try not to use images that have already been used. 


Titles are written using the Din Neuzeit Grotesk font in capital letters. The body texts are written in Avenir Light just like this. 


Add animations to images 

Add animations to the images to make it more interesting. you can do this by double clicking an image and selecting the animation button and choosing the parallax or reveal setting. This works for headers. 

Use templates 

If you're making a new page, use some of the wix templates that are provided. That's what I did to get the idea of the page going and then made adjustments from there. 

Keep the menu tabs clean.

If there is a page we will never use again, delete it don't just hide it. Some pages are hidden because there is a button that leads to the page and therefore doesn't need to be in the menu. Reuse voyage pages for the summer. Don't make a new one, just change the dates, locations and such on the existing pages. 

Use Sections and strips

Sections and strips are a good way to break up the page and make it interesting to look at as suppose to one long paragraph. 

Verify the phone mode

Sometimes the phone mode makes everything wonky and impossible to read. So it's always worth checking your formatting on there after making a major edit and before publishing. 

Google it

There's a video that explains how to do every little thing on Wix. So if you don't know if something is possible or don't know how to do it. Look it up. 

Don't understand or have a question? Cantact me. 


(613) 217-4886


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